The Things to See in Stockholm


When it comes to free walking tour Stockholm, the best location to being is to approach the historic Old Town from the north using the Queen Street. On this approach, the Aron Johansson’s Parliament building will be walked through and experienced first. Next, the visitors should go onto the Mynttorget and towards Västerlånggatan, which is the western street of the original edge of the town. Using it, they will arrive at Brantingtorget square built in the years after WW2 and which became one of the most beautiful ones in the city. By going back to the Västerlånggatan, visitors can move south and go to the Kåkbrinken. There, they need to turn left and go to the Stortorget, which is the center of the Old Town and also the place where Stockholm Bloodbath occurred in 1520.

Free Walking Tour Stockholm
Free Walking Tour Stockholm

АThe huge and impressive building to their left will be the Nobel Museum and near it the German fountain from the 18th century. By going back down the Kåkbrinken and turning left on the Prästgatan street, the visitors will be able to see the German Church and then turn right on Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, the narrowest street in the city that measures only 89 centimeters. From there, going back to Västerlånggatan and then left until they reach Järntorget, the visitors will be able to see the Iron Square, where all of the Sweden’s iron ore was loaded and weighed for export in the 17th century. By continuing north the visitors will be able to see the statue of St. George and the Dragon. During the same free walking tour Stockholm in Trångsund Street, Church of St. Nicholas can be found as well.

By returning to Nobel Museum and then going to Slottsbacken, they will be able to reach the Royal Castle and be impressed with its 600-room baroque architecture. If it is around noon, they will be able to see the changing of the royal guards in the inner courtyard of the castle. By proceeding to the Myntgatan, visitors will encounter the House of Nobles, where all the Swedish aristocracy converges. After they cross the bridge that was built in the 1960’s to carry the highway through the Old Town, the visitors will come across the Riddarholmen Church. As the oldest building in the city, this structure dates back to the early 13th century and is the burial place for the Swedish ruling monarchs, which is why it might be able to reach its inside. Like the Royal Chapel, it holds tremendous value to the cultural heritage of the local people.

The benefits of а free walking tour Stockholm can be clear to everyone who desires to experience this wonderful city in the best possible way.